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#PrEP4LOVE : Black Joy


Pleasure and sexual intimacy are important, whether it’s with your long-term partner or with someone you’ve just met. They are important for everyone, whatever your gender identity or sexual orientation.

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an FDA-approved, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recommended daily prevention pill for HIV-negative people who are especially vulnerable to getting HIV. Taken daily, PrEP is up to 99% effective at preventing HIV.

Many people who take PrEP report they experience peace of mind while having sex. That peace of mind brings relief from the intense fear — and stigma — of HIV that has characterized our sexual lives for far too long. PrEP users also report feeling safer in their relationships and more in control regarding their sexual health and wellness. What’s sexier than that?


When three of Chicago’s leading curators of culture and cool got together in spring of 2015 Party Noire originated as a simple yet profound idea to bring together black creative millennials in a positive, joyful atmosphere. Nick Alder, Lauren Ash, and DJ Rae Chardonnay, each have impressive individual projects and loyal followers and have beautifully merged together their collective passion for black culture, creativity, and joy to curate what is now recognized as Chicago’s most exciting new day party and hub of one of Chicago’s most interesting subcultures.

The ‪#‎PartyNoire‬ community is very intentional space for uplifting and affirming the lives of Black women. This space of ‪#‎BlackJoy‬ celebrates Black womanhood along the gender spectrum and holds space especially for queer, trans and gender non-conforming Black people. When in this intersectional space, our space, love, uplift and make space for ALL Black Joy.

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