DR. MARTENS | Tough As You

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A VAM STUDIO Production

Dr. Martens Presents is working in New York with filmmaker Vincent Martell to capture the path, purpose and experience of NYC artists on the “Dr. Martens Presents” lineup. Through this unique lens, we’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and everyday struggles of these working musicians.

A Docu-Series produced by VAM STUDIO

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EPISODE 1 - Samia

Every song from NYC’s Samia shows her talent for capturing the most intimate experiences and sharing them in a way that speaks directly to your heart. At just 22, the singer song-writer has already been through many iterations of her music including losing and gaining band mates. Through unshakable persistence Samia found her sound and her creative community. She and her friends partnered with Dr. Martens Presents for a show that is a celebration and continuation of the work Samia has done.

EPISODE 2 - Junglepussy

Junglepussy’s music is equal parts tough and inspiring. Songs like Bling Bling are an ode to being an unapologetically self-sufficient and independent woman - a creed that Junglepussy adopted early and spreads to her following. Making music with and for her friends, and then for herself and her fans, she never conforms to a standard sound or look, choosing instead to remain unapologetically Junglepussy.

EPISODE 3 - Combo Chimbita

Brooklyn-based Combo Chimbita are first-generation New Yorkers from Colombia -- and we’re lucky to get their perspective on life through the lens of what they’re calling tropical futurism. The group combines an Afro-Caribbean, Latinx sound with an electronic edge, using their music as a language of connection with each other, their heritage, and their audience. That unity allows the four-piece band to navigate the often-treacherous labyrinth of the music industry. Fueled by the energy of resistance, Combo Chimbita triumphantly returns to Barbés -- the site of their jam band beginnings

EPISODE 4 - Jimi Lucid

Genre-bending NYC musician Jimi Lucid is here to commit a radical act -- being himself. Coming from a “lineage of weirdness,” Lucid draws inspiration from black artists living outside the norm -- Little Richard, Prince, and Hendrix, to name a few. A little psychedelic, a little punk, and completely his own, Jimi Lucid’s sound and style was on full display at his Dr. Martens Presents show in Queens, NYC.


The powerful connection between artists Thandiwe and Niambi Sala is at the heart of Oshun. Their authentic sisterhood, forged between two outsiders, creates a space where Thandiwe and Sala can take unapologetic risks with their music. And the result is powerful and intentional. Oshun’s set at NYU (their alma mater) was full of the textured sounds that build what they call the Oshuniverse.  


Five-man band Phony Ppl makes genre-defying music. Raised on a variety of inspirations, from rock to jazz to classical, they use their diverse sound to deliver a set crackling with vibrant energy. Phony Ppl performed for us at The Sultan Room in their native Brooklyn and showed us how they rise above being pigeon-holed by the music industry.