GRINDR x INTO | Pillow Talk


Grindr and Gilead Pharmaceuticals teamed up with VAM to create a mini-series with Los Angeles influencers talking intimately about love, life and sexual health.

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In the first installment of Pillow Talk, hairstylist/makeup artist/activist Eric Leonardos tells host Jen Richards about his decision to take treatment for HIV, and getting to undetectable status. To those afraid of getting tested, he says: “Get over it. If you’re going to be sexually active, you owe it to yourself and to another person to be responsible for your own health care.”

With products from Gilead, Leonardos says, “You can still be and have and live and do all the things that you ever wanted before you were HIV positive.”

Dancer/model/actor and YouTube star James Butler has a young gay following across the globe, and he wants them to feel comfortable getting tested.

But in a Pillow Talk session with host Jen Richards, Butler admits that he had specific fears attached to getting tested himself. He worried that if a fan saw him in the waiting room, “They’d think: ‘Oh my god, my favorite YouTuber is a ho!'” But he quickly recognized that the more likely sentiment is: “‘Oh, my favorite YouTuber cares about himself and wants to be responsible, healthy, and safe.'”

In this episode of “Pillow Talk,” guests Bryan and Ken get in bed with host Jen Richards to share their experience of getting tested for HIV as a couple. “It’s reassuring,” Ken says, “just to know that you have someone there.”

L.A.-based psychotherapist Matt Dempsey cozies up to host Jen Richards to discuss his dating life, getting past the fear of getting tested, and how taking the pill “has 100% reduced anxiety.”