HOW TO [HAIR] | Esperanza Spalding

Music Video

A VAM STUDIO Production

Esperanza Spalding "How To (hair)" from the album "12 Little Spells" out now, from Concord Records.

How To (hair) amplifies and unfetters frequencies from multiple ancestral lineages vibrating at once, makes audible their multi-toned harmonization with one another.

For enjoying and honoring the unique combination of histories, geographies, wave patterns and shapes growing out of one’s own scalp, and appreciating all types of modern and historical art-gardens rooted in the scalps of others.

Director: Vincent Martell
Producer: Jordan Phelps
DP: Greg Stephen Reigh
AD: Ellie Hall
1st AC: Ashley Battle
2nd AC: Sonia Jourdain
Gaffer: Mawie Talion
Grip: Kemi Mayomi
Makeup Artist: Mollie Gloss
Hair Stylist: Leatrice Lloyd
Editor: Ellie Hall
Assistant Editor: Jordan Phelps
Production Assistants: Zoe Kosmopoulos, Daemon Gonzalez

Featured Models:
Jasmine Barber
Samoa Bashir
Abena Boamah-Acheampong
Demei Campbell
Coriama Couture
Samaria Dixon
Mo G
Hafsa Guled
Kara Jackson
Lynzie Jackson
Klevah Knox
Kynoisha Hurst
Alexandra Ofori-Atta
Kianni Pleasant
Jonné Pratt
Lex Prewitt
Blake Simone
Trina Tyler
Troi  Warren
Paola Zamora