“I’m only able to handle the world because I can write these songs,” she said in a press release, “so I’d like to think that I help other people deal with the world for the same reason… These songs are bed songs. Songs about the place that one might go when they finally need to be away from whatever it is that might be causing them stress or anxiety or sadness or fear.”

On the lead single “Kind of Love”, that place is in the arms of a lover. Over a gently gliding guitar and simple bossa nova embellishments, Tasha speaks of escaping the pains of the world by curling up with someone meaningful. “Tenderness they’re first to take/ So tenderness we find,” she sings. “Bring your sleepy bruising bones/ I will kiss them fine.” 

Listen to the full album “Alone at Last” here

Director - Ashley Thompson
Producer - Justin Casselle
Cinematographer - Candice Majors
Production Designer - Dae Gonzalez
Hair & Makeup - Megan Convey
Choreographer - Natalia White
Editor - Jordan Phelps
Assistant Editor - Zoe Kosmopoulos
Colorist - Candice Majors

Additional Talent - Fulani Thrasher

Produced by VAM STUDIO (