LET GO + YOUR NAME | Shea Couleé

Music Videos

A VAM STUDIO Production

Directed by and Starring Shea Couleé
Producer: Jordan Phelps
Producer: Dan Polyak
Producer: Vincent Martell
Co-Producer: Adellyn Polomski
Director of Photography: Matthew Plaxco
1st AC: Casey Van Der Touw
Steadi Cam: Jaron Tauch
Gaffers: Dustin Bloodgood, Jack Langlois
Grips: Drake Konishi, John Shutika
Editor: Jordan Phelps
Colorist: Kalvin Johnson
Color Producer: Brad Martin
Choreographer: Shea Couleé
Assistant Choreographer: Tyler Worth
Production Assistant: Josh Bennett
Equipment Rental: Old Fast Glass
Locations thanks to Peerspace

LET GO Dancers: Succubus, Dvsk, Divinity, Finessa Jawn
YOUR NAME Dancers: Adam Burt, Topher January, Troy D. Williams, Khmari