Directed by SAM BAILEY

“Sam Bailey is once again examining gender and patriarchy in her new short film, Masculine/Masculine. The Brown Girls director created a 10-minute film reimagining the world today if women behaved like the stereotypical macho men with bravado. Bailey and co-creator, Henry "Hank" Jones came up with the story about two young women hanging out in Los Angeles on an aggressive conquest to have aimless sex.

"It was a challenge," Bailey told Broadly about the directing the project that turns the table on paradigms of gender and hyper-masculinity. "I think anytime you start incorporating satire or social commentary in a nuanced way, there's a delicate balance you're trying to hit. But I'm really proud of what we made and I hope it adds to the conversation around the type of behavior we as a society have become complicit in upholding."

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