SHUT UP | KC Ortiz

Music Video

A VAM STUDIO Production

"Shut up! Voices in my head," Ortiz says, her lyrics spliced among samples of a pastor's sermon that reference her childhood. Living with her grandma, the emcee — who's transgender and a discharged Air Force member — would listen to cassette tapes of church services that she'd buy for 5 dollars. Paired together, Ortiz sounds like a minister in her own right, guiding herself away from self-inflicted hate. "I'm that bitch, put me on the VIP list," she spits.
-Paper Magazine

Director: Vincent Martell
Producer: Jordan Phelps
Director of Photography: Jon Wes
Editor: Vincent Martell
Wardrobe: Tiger Lily
Production Assistants: Patricia Frazier, Zoe Kosmopoulos