TRADER JOE | Junglepussy

Music Video

A VAM STUDIO Production

Junglepussy loves to step into a character. In her repertoire so far: Brownsugar Sunshine, who will give you an excitable tarot reading, and Sean, the hopeful game-show contestant trying to find true love in her “I’m in Love” music video. Now, the New York City–based rapper is introducing a new persona: Ginger, who she just debuted in her new video for “Trader Joe” from her most recent album JP3. “Ginger lives for the bigger picture,” Junglepussy says. “No matter how hot she looks, she’s deeply rooted in her duties on the farm. She doesn’t care to be liked by people at all.”

As Junglepussy lets on, Ginger’s style does evoke those itty bitty jean shorts and baby pink crop tops that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wore on their era-defining reality show The Simple Life. The video, which Vincent Martell directed and Junglepussy wrote, starts off with Ginger hard at work on the farm, feeding calves and gathering tomatoes in a marabou-lined corset top and a magenta pink belted jean skirt, all of which Chicago-based costume designer Tiger Lily custom made for the rapper (you might recognize some of her previous work on RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Shea Couleé and Kim Chi).

With the blessing of Ginger’s animal friends, including Crystal the dog and Teetee the donkey, she eventually transforms into an anthropomorphic version of an actual jungle cat thanks to a colorful tassel-lined suit, which Tiger Lily also created. “I knew I needed to become a whole new animal in this video,” Junglepussy says of the transformation, which brings her name to life and gives Ginger “the power to produce her own ketchup and make a living,” as the artist puts it. “We’re all strange animals with a purpose. This is for the black sheep.”

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Writer - Junglepussy
Director - Vincent Martell
Director of Photography - Candice Majors
Gaffer - Mawie Talion
Assistant Director - Daemon Gonzalez
Costume Design - Tiger Lily
Makeup - Raisa Flowers
Music Prod - Kashaka, Shy Guy
Production Assistant - Zoe Kosmopoulos