VAM PRESENTS | Solidarity


Chicago’s Queer nightlife family of organizers have come together in the wake of Orlando to share a message of strength, positivity, and hope in a video directed towards the Chicago queer community, and the LGBTQ community at large. From the people who dedicate themselves to creating and maintaining safe spaces for the LGBTQ community, we see the importance of unity and community with words from the legendary JoJo Baby (Queen!), Chicago Pride’s 2016 Parade Marshall & Chicago Fire star Monica Raymund (Clandestina) and many more in this video of solidarity.

The 20+ Queer nightlife leaders who put this project together want their community to know that their doors are open and their spaces will continue to thrive, refusing to hide from any terror or hostility. They encourage the Chicago queer community to stand tall and together, now more than ever. Kristen Kaza, co-producer of the project, shares her take on the importance of LGBTQ spaces, “Queer spaces are our sanctuaries. It's a part of our queer history to come together on the dance floor and a tradition we'll continue to carry. We want our communities to know that we got them and we love them.” The video brings awareness to the abundance of queer spaces open to the Chicago LGBTQ community directly from their owners and organizers. We hear from Joe Erbertraut - Burly at the Burlington, Will Vin Vogt - Salonathon at Beauty Bar, Ariel Zetina - IT Presents at Berlin, IMP Queen - IT Presents at Berlin, DJ All The Way Kay - LESBIFRIENDS at Progress + Bump & Grindcore at Beauty Bar, Scott Cramer - Do312 + Cramer PR + LQQKS/IT Presents/Acid Dreams/Femmes Room/Club Hub + more at Berlin. Other speakers and partners of the video include [X]P - DURO at Berlin + FKA Big Chicks + Quest at Beauty Bar, Clandestina Chicago’s: Brooke Webster, Alma Izquierdo, Monica Raymond, and Jenae Williams - WERK, Joe Varisco - QUEER, ILL + OKAY + Salonathon at Beauty Bar, Aymar Jean Christian - Open TV, Elijah Mckinnon - Open TV, #PREP4LOVE, Bindu Poroori - Salonathon at Beauty Bar, Audio Jack - Slo Mo at the Whistler + Quest at Beauty Bar, Daria Dodd - D Square Events + Daria Dodd Presents, and Kristen Kaza - No Small Plans, Slo Mo.

Director: Vincent Martell
Producer: Kristen Kaza, Scott Cramer, & Vincent Martell
Cinematographer: Jeremy Freedberg & Greg Stephen Reigh
Sound Technician: Alistair Slaughter
Post-Production Editor: Jeremy Freedberg
Music: Qole & Photay