It’s time for change in TV, Film, and digital media.

Our work is indicative of a transformative movement centered around celebrating the things that make marginalized people different. There’s a humanistic approach to our storytelling that shows the complexities of black, brown, and queer lives while normalizing subcultures perceived as a danger to society. It’s about stories manifesting from a pluralist mindset and humanizing characters and creators often sidelined in media.

In a time of uncertainty, our attempts to create innovative high-concept art has been proven to inspire and transcend cultures far beyond America. We aim to create a world in the production industry that utilizes the abundance mindset as a revolutionary tool in storytelling for black, brown, queer, trans, non-binary and femme representation.

We believe that the marginalized are the bedrock of culture and art.

VAM STUDIO is an award winning production company and film collective behind some of the most disruptive narratives, commercials and branded content in culture today. The VAM team is comprised of an unapologetic diverse team of filmmakers working from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and disciplines while standing out on a global scale.

The VAM STUDIO team consists of filmmakers and writers disrupting the industry including Sam Bailey, Fatimah Asghar, Jordan Phelps and founder Vincent Martell.

Black owned.